‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

Mundesley  Free  Church.
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There are currently about 876,812,666 websites.

Isn’t it about time you added yours to this list?!

What you need to create a web site.

  1. Software installed on your computer to create web pages i.e. the data that you see from your browser. Maybe £££££££££££££
  2. A clear vision of what your web site is to contain and the links it makes to other web pages both within your site and the world wide web;
  3. An eye for colour and design - not vital but makes the experience of looking at you web site more enjoyable;
  4. Domain name - i.e. www.YourWebSiteName.co.uk; ££££££££££££ purchased from, for example, 123-REG
  5. Hosting service i.e. the computer that your web site is stored on. When Internet users key in the domain name (step 4), the web pages of your site are displayed from this computer; £££££££££££££££ also purchased from, for example, 123-REG
  6. Software to publish your web pages from your personal computer to the hosting service’s computer. This software effectively copies the pages created in step 1 above and send s them over the Internet to the the hosting service in step 5 e.g. FILEZILLA

£££££££££££ there is a cost associated with this item.

Not sure about all this or the next step?   Have a chat with Roger.