‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

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What is Rip’ing?

Sometimes it would be helpful if you could extract, from a DVD, single files for playing back rather than having the whole DVD play back its content via the menu screen options. This extracting is known as RIP’ing. Read on for some background information.

The picture below, taken of a Hillside Sanctuary DVD, shows the various parts of the DVD that you can individually play. You click on, for example, Highland Cattle Appeal and the technology will play back the film (file) on the DVD associated with that topic.

If you use File Explorer to examine the content of the DVD you will see individual files, which are normally hidden from you. This is because DVD playing software only shows you the menu items above, which are linked to physical video files on the DVD. The picture below shows the files associated with the Hillside DVD…

The DVD drive on this computer is the E drive. By moving the mouse pointer to it and left clicking you get the file structure held within the DVD. VIDEO_TS folder contains the video parts and AUDIO_TS contains the associated audio parts for each video. By left clicking on the VIDEO_TS file you will see all the video files on the DVD. The Hillside video files are shown in the picture below.

Each VOB file represents a video shown in the first picture at the top of this page - e.g. VTS_02_1.VOB is the video file for the Highland Cattle Appeal part of the DVD.

If you wanted to RIP this Highland Cattle Appeal part of the DVD to a separate file then this is will be input or source file to that process i.e. the RIP’ing software will read this file and place it in a folder and file of your choice.

 Click here for how to RIP using a free piece of software called HANDBRAKE (I know don’t ask!).