‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

Mundesley  Free  Church.
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QUIZ  Five

Search for the answers to these questions.

Take the first letter of each answer and use them to find a name in the Bible.

Answers (text, picture or both) to Roger in an email at rd.budden@talktalk.net

  1. what  is  an  automated  phone  system  similar  to   an   answering  machine  that  digitally  records   spoken  messages?
  2. what  was  created  by  Charles  Geschke   and  John  Warnock  in  1982?
  3. what  is  the  name  for  an  organised  collection  of  information?  
  4. what   has  to  be  clicked  on,  to  run  or  open  a  program   or   file?
  5. what  is  the  name  of  a  value  or  setting  that  is  assigned  automatically?