‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

Mundesley  Free  Church.
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QUIZ   Three

Search for the answers to these questions.

Take the first letter of each answer and use them to find a name in the Bible.

Answers (text, picture or both) to Roger in an email at rd.budden@talktalk.net

  1. what  is  the  name  for  a  standard  used  to  define  a  method  of  exchanging  data  over  a  computer  network?
  2. what  is  an  electronic  document  called   in  which  data  is  arranged  in  the  rows  and  columns  of  a  grid?
  3. give  a  term  used  to  describe  unauthorised  users  of  a  computer  and/ or    a   communication  system?
  4. what  widely  used  local  area  network  was  originally  known  as  alto    aloha  network?
  5. what   programming   language   was  designed  by  James  Gosling?
  6. what   is  a  moment  called  when  one  realises  that  one  has  made  a  serious  mistake,  typically    by  pressing  the  wrong  key    on  a  computer  keyboard?