‘‘That the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work’

 Timothy 3:17 ESV

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Files and their extensions.

A File is composed of bytes of data in the computer with a unique name.

A File is data representing applications, pictures, documents, songs etc.

Every  file has a name of this basic format:    theNameOfTheFile.FileExtension

Question: What is a File Extension?  

Answer: It identifies the type of file…..

              e.g JPG & GIF are picture files and doc is a Microsoft Word document.

              HolidayPic.jpg, MyLifeStory.doc

Question: Is the extension important?

Answer: Yes….it identifies to the computer what application or programme

               that is needed to process the data in that file.

Other sample file extensions are:

 .pdf is a Portable Document File used by Adobe Reader,

          .ppt files by Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files,

          .xls files by Microsoft Excel for spread sheet applications.

          .exe files are “executable” files that run programs or apps.

See this link for a list of all known file extensions!